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released November 11, 2016



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Wardrobe Antwerp, Belgium

Belgian musician Johan Verckist is a gentle dogmatist when it comes to his new project Wardrobe. He didn't want the musicians to hear his compositions for his forthcoming debut album Crawling before they entered the studio. Like the great session players of the early Seventies they had very little time to "learn" them, ensuing in a happy marriage of craftsmanship and spontaneity. ... more

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Track Name: Thick As Thieves
You stole my frozen faith
for things you can’t obtain.
Jennifer when you gonna learn?

You’re seventeen years old,
your whiskers are too slow.
Jennifer when you gonna learn?

I see in your eyes.
The petrifying vice.
To some it will appeal but I am not
the writer of the game with a magic wand.

If things won't go away
I will extend my stay.
It's in the past but God you lied a lot.
Track Name: Nowhere Now
It took a while to get me there
no situation for display.
Took my mind for an x-ray,
just for you.
I soon found out I had it wrong
and to some extend the matter’s gone.
It simplified a lot of things
For me, you know.

And I won’t ever mind those days are over
I won’t ever shed those lonely tears.
I soon found out that the emotion
that I long for has died.

I saw you now our love is gone.
Running through suburbs at dawn.
Drifting with the wanders of a nobody.
For what we hide, we hide it bad,
there still some of them who won't be fooled.
Has it got a name for us only?

And I won’t ever mind those days are over
I won’t ever shed those lonely tears.
And now I’m bonafide and clean and sober
I still long for you every night.
Track Name: Nothing Satisfies
I’m in a book
with what you gave and what you took.
Always pretending
you must be overlooked.
Until you break.

I’m in your dreams
sending bubbles through the stream.
Bound by illusion
but when you’re coming to redeem.
It’s still fake.

I’m taking all the medicine I can get hold off.
Calling all my friends they say I need to back off.
Nothing satisfies if you’re a destined flop.

The sooner you get out the better it will go.
Breaking up in style and take the time to overbook.
Everything in rags is just no way to make it stop.
But we got to let it go.

It’s not entertaining
and when you come back, I’m afraid.
Locking out comfort
it’s the temper and the fire.
But you’re great.
Track Name: Sour Time Advocate
I’ve been out searching, out for the day.
Oh, the devoted. The light spotted you
And it was hard for the reader to understand.
But there’s nothing lost in our time of love.

I guess you know nothing when they come for you.
And it will not be funny when you say what you do.
And it’s so hard for the reader to understand.
When there’s nothing lost in our time of love.

Mother of Nature, lost in the lines.
Broken with hatred if nothing designed.
Sometimes there’s not really a way to fail.
And I say I’m not the type to play.

All delayed,
all betrayed.
Saturday, dating time for the host.
Track Name: Elegy
When you get back safely I will not be mad.
Come back my dear. I can shed no tear when you’re not there.
You will not wake up It’s over, I’ll just pretend you sleep.
For years and years until all feels like relieve and just fades.

There are many stories about people in despair.
But they won’t comfort me. And they can’t give me back the one I truly love.
This repeating danger and the rain feels like it hurts.
I cannot release you but they took you just as well without promises.
Track Name: Limerence
When you wanna wake up and sleep and you can’t stand on your feet.
The room just spins in the heat just another day to forget.
I guess we’re all dying inside making up our minds formaldehyde.
For a second there you saw my true me but now it’s locked up deep inside.

Don’t go
And run
Run away

You say now you gotta listen to me and now you gotta stay and you need
to walk around the ban and believe. It’s easy you just follow me.
I’ll lift you up and take some time off so we can go out on retreat.
Everybody says that we should or we will finally acknowledge defeat.
Track Name: (Just A) Sad Song
I wrote a sad song about mortals with their heads in their asses.
Are you still hopeful? Are you still dreaming?
Because I can't seem to feel happy.

Somedays just fall between
and I can't keep going on.

They were lovers, they had made it to the end of the table.
But on Fridays he went out late to unload all of his worries.
You saw it coming and it's cold outside,
you probably found a girl for the night.
The upbringing of an outcome without any expectation.

And you can't find no second love
with just a sad sad song.
And I'll be on my way, I’ll be on my way.
Track Name: Rags
People say
That I like to play
Without ever needing to bear the weight.
But they like to see me fall as a relay.
Setting up expenses by mistake.

Because in me they find an empty lot
to burry some hidden thoughts.
And lose me as they’re jack of all trades
nothing better really then it’s shade.

I’m alone

You say: you're down a lot it's time to give it up.
As everything will rot if you pay no mind.
Something is now taking over me
and I will go upstream relentlessly.

Because I’m alone
I’m alone
Track Name: Man Of Straw
Hey baby what I'm here for?
We went down the line,
undaunted downers.
And you just didn't notice
The bad upbringings.

May you be a sacrifice?
A retreat for all my burden.
I'm in no state for just observing.
Like I dream about all the wasted hours.

I'll find a way
a way out
I'll find a way
a way out

Something went very wrong
and the grieving of a wasted lover.
Looking to jump the gun and the fear.

A distance so very far,
A disease, there’s no way back now.
And I’m in no state for just observing
Like I dream about all the wasted hours.

I'll find a way
a way out
I'll find a way
a way out